You’re Never Too Young To Start

Not enough experience, can’t get experience, too young, blah blah blah! I’ve heard it all, and it’s also a false notion.

There was a young 12-year-old kid by the name of Ryan Ross, who at 3 years old started a chicken-and-egg business in his backyard (SELENIUM! YEAH!).

He had 60 chickens and sold a dozen eggs for 3$.  He was making 15$ a day.  When he got tired of selling eggs, he went into a lawn-mowing business and he charged customers 20$ an hour, but because he was too young to operate a lawn mower, he paid older kids to do the work for 15$ an hour, giving him a $5-dollar-profit.  After that, power-washing business which he charged 200$ an hour and paid someone $100 an hour to do the work.

At the age of 5, he was his profits into buying real estate in Toronto, Ontario, and British Columbia.  Age 8 – he owned six buildings and had a personal net worth of a million dollars. Now he engages in philanthropy that feeds and cloths families in Third World countries.

Ryan Hreljac, who was six years old at the time, was shocked at the fact children in Africa had to walk a lot of miles to fetch clean water.  So, he decided to build a well in a village in Africa.  He was also able to raise enough money to get that first well built in northern Uganda by the time he was 8. Since then, he invented the Ryan’s well Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars and has completed 878 water projects and 1,120 latrines in 16 countries.  this alone provided clean water and sanitation to just under a million people.

Two young girls by the names of Brianna and Brittany Winner had completed their first novel at the age of 12 called “The Strand Prophecy,” which has been distributed to the biggest book stores in america.  after that, four novels, screenplays, and even a comic book was created by them.  Get this – they are both dyslexic.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something.  Don’t use a disorder, age, or anything else for that matter as an excuse to why you can’t make a massive contribution to society.

Honestly, within the next 2 years, I want to somehow get dogs off the streets of Thailand and into the hands of organizations that will provide shelter, food and care for these dogs because all too often they’re killed at the hands of angry townspeople.  Also, I want to contribute to protecting elephants in Africa (such as what Leonardo DiCaprio is doing) because there are only 400,000 North African elephants left.

We could all make a huge contribution to this planet, but never let the negative opinions of others or someone tell you…that you can’t….based on false assumptions.

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