Insatiable Misery

People say, “money is the root of evil,” but authors such as Napoleon Hill and Jack Canfield has said, “you can use money in a positive or negative way.” In addition to that, we’re never happy with how much money we actually have.  We always want more, right? That makes us insatiable beings.

Look at the majority of society and the “super stars” (as they’re called).  How many of them have 5-10 cars? How many of them have multiple houses? Is it because they’re not content with just having one?  Outside influences? Or just basic human nature?

Jason Silva said that we always want more, but how come we don’t do that with our goals? Our health? One of my students, who was doing a work abroad program in San Antonio, Texas, said everyone was severely obese.  We want money, but we don’t want health?

How can we somehow do a power shift.  Alternate all that energy we put forth in terms of making money and materialistic things, to goal-setting?

I guess that’s why I’m much different.  African American/Puerto Rican born and raised in Las Vegas and lived in an atrocious neighborhood wear gang violence wasn’t too rampant, but always heard gunshots at night…..I left, and now I’m the outkast of the family because I chose not to live in satiable misery.  I wanted more.  I felt there was so much more to life then to just being a puppet with the strings with hopes of achievement in becoming a dental hygienist and scrape teeth for the rest of my life.  I felt that there was more; and so the journey looking for answers began….especially after I went back to America in 2012 after my work and holiday visa expired in Australia.

I kept looking, searching, and I looked in some of the darkest areas (provinces in Thailand) until I realized the story that was being created could inspire not only the color community, but everyone in the world.  BOOM.

I was hungry for more.  I felt that there was a higher-calling for me….and I found it.

When will you stop buying materialistic things and assuming everything is all right and take that leap of faith?


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