Could Humanity Share The Same Vision And Coexist With One Another?

Children of all sizes, color, ages, religions, and backgrounds shared a common area in what I was observing just two days ago.  I saw students sharing the same laughs, doing the same things, and speaking the same way without any hateful rhetoric.

How come they understand but the rest of the world doesn’t?

I’m going to deep-dive (my new favorite word) into what could possibly work in terms of ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos) accepting each other for who they are and living amongst each other.

First and foremost, I respect what Angelina Jolie and Praya Lundberg are doing in terms of working with the United Nations.  They could be huge activists in pushing what this could be.

If you look at the countries I listed above, could an organisation be developed so that students from different countries can study in other countries?

I’m not talking about agencies who are after the pockets of beings, I’m talking about the governments of all countries choosing a good 1,000 of their highest, most prestigious achievers (or even those with learning disabilities – doesn’t matter) to get a plane ticket and go to another school that works in accordance with the organization?

How about getting schools to work with one another in a collaborative effort (non-international) to send students to and from their schools?

See, these little things – brainstorming ways you could blend with other cultures and coexist could make a massive difference in your town, community, school, state, country, and world.

What I saw just a couple of days ago restored my faith in humanity and gave me a vast array of ideas that could help benefit society.

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