Napoleon Hill – Mind Chemistry & Economic Power

Through the blending of two or more minds, in a spirit of PERFECT HARMONY, the principle of mind chemistry may be made to develop sufficient power to enable the individuals whose minds have been thus blended to perform seemingly superhuman feats.” – Napoleon Hill

He wrote this 89 years ago.  What does this pertain to? Lets look at it from a sports aspect.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, who are two NBA legends, established just this.  If you want to throw in Dennis Rodman, you could, just because he knew exactly where everyone’s shot was going so he positioned himself to rebound the ball much easier.  This is why he is the best rebounder of all-time.

When Scottie joined Jordan and achieved unbelievable heights, there was no stopping them.  Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Olajuwon, and so many other top-50 players had no chance, which is incredible.

A lot of people would deem Michael Jordan as a superhuman….but it was working with Scottie in perfect harmony that ultimately propelled him to his first ever finals where he took out even Magic Johnson.  These 1-2 punches were two minds working in perfect harmony together.

Power, in unlimited quantities, may be enjoyed by any group of men, or men and women, who possess the wisdom with which they blend their own personalities and their own immediate individual interests to work in perfect spirit.

The moment two minds begin to take divergent roads of interest the individual units of each mind separate, and the third element, known as a “mastermind,” which grew out of the friendly or harmonious alliance, will disintegrate.  Look at Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, for example.

How about the three men who are known for their great achievements in their respective fields of economic, business and professional endeavor back in the early 1900’s: Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison & Harvey S. Firestone.

A very interesting segment on Mr. Ford’s new automobile in process was one of perfection.  In 1927, it is said that he received advance orders, with cash payments, for more than 375,000 cars.  600$ per car that would amount to 225 million dollars which he received before a single car was delivered.  Such is the power of confidence in Ford’s Ability.

Mr. Edison, the man who brought together the point of a needle and a piece of revolving wax, in such a way that the vibration of the human voice may be recorded and reproduced through the modern talking machine.

Mr. Firestone was, and continues to be the moving spirit in the great Firestone Tire industry, respectively.  These three men would go away into the woods once a year for a period of rest, meditation and recuperation.  These three men blended their minds together and created a mastermind group that took America by storm.  It’s kind of like connecting electric batteries to a single transmission wire, ultimately stepping up the power flowing over that line.

That’s who you want around you.  It’s time to figure out that mastermind group.


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