How Long Does It Take To See Results From Meditation? Less Than 50 Hours, The Dalai Lama Says.

“Commit to at least one 7-day cycle. I hate to say it, but I think less is worthless. There appears to be a binary not-boiling/boiling phase shift. If your doctor prescribes a week of antibiotics and you only take the medication for 3 days, the infection isn’t fixed and you’re back to square one. I believe there is a minimum effective dose for meditation, and it’s around 7 days.”

Excerpt From: Timothy Ferriss & Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tim Ferris is absolutely right in saying this.  Example, there are an incredible amount of antagonists out there who believe meditation isn’t real, on top of the secret, but the thing is….just imagine having a thought of an elephant.  Really….take the time out and think of an elephant and just imagine if that thought would instantaneously manifest into reality – you got a massive elephant right in your bedroom.

The power of meditation is pretty incredible…

“The Dalai Lama was once asked how long it took for noticeably life-changing effects, to which he replied succinctly: “Around 50 hours.” That really ain’t much, and it might be less. Based on a number of recent studies, a mere 100 minutes of cumulative “sitting” time appears sufficient to produce subjectively significant changes.”

That last repetition on the bench, the last 5 meters of a 400 meter race, the inches in a 100m race….everything matters, right? So, putting it into the meditation perspective, what if you meditate for 20 minutes but think about outside issues, dogs barking outside, ignorance at work, or the person who grabbed your butt on the bus… you get an ‘F’? No.  19 minutes of your meditation can be mind wandering, but that 1 minute, the minute that I’ve had before when I went into a deep state while getting a massage, counts.  When I woke up from that particular occurrence, the overwhelming sense of joy and bliss surrounded me and I haven’t felt that serenity in YEARS! Again, that was 2 minutes out of the 60 total.

Tara Brach once said, “if you’re getting frustrated, your standards are too high or your sessions are too long.”

Download a guided meditation like Glen Harold or check others online so you can get started.

I’ll be elated to hear some of your responses!


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