Tedx – From Grade Schools, To International Schools In Bangkok Preaching Equality, To Ivey Schools In The East Coast United States – It Doesn’t Matter

I was sitting at a table full of youngins in Koh Phangan, Thailand – and they were arguing about who got into specific and “high class” universities in America.

One said, “I got into Ohio State, Wake Forest, and FSU; therefore, I’m better than you all.”

Is that what society is predicated on now?  Being better than another particular individual because of the university they went to? If so, I say we stop using Facebook and all Apple products if that’s the case.

As an African American teaching in Thailand, and having those schools reply to my email saying, “can I see your picture to see if you’re black,” I’ve seen it all.

Recently I started watching Tedx events on YouTube because they could be very head scratching and I came across a particular one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1LeGwELv9o) whereas a famous actress was preaching equality at the most expensive international school in Bangkok.  The most alarming thing is that the entire staff is all anglo-saxon/caucasian.  Most of these schools, even including Harrow, Shrewsbury and others that are incredibly expensive to get into, do not accept African American teachers because the parents don’t want their students to be taught by people of color.

If we look at other schools in Thailand such as government schools, white foreign teachers are paid more than Filipinos and Africans because they’re white, not because of what degree they have and definitely not based on experience.  I’ve seen a Swiss teacher speak next-to-no English and got paid 1300$; meanwhile, Filipinos get an unfulfilling 500$ USD.

I guess in some countries, education doesn’t mean a damn thing.  Education is a promotional tool to promote white skin (Thailand).  Conversely, if you look at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, education means absolutely everything, but nothing is based on the genius or essence of man.

  • What is your contribution?
  • How could you make your community better?
  • What is your community or country lacking?

If universities  selected students based human potential/volunteering (like the National University of Singapore) and on what women and men can do, we wouldn’t be bickering or paying large sums of money-turned-debt on artificial education and using bragging rights to belittle other people.

Regardless if you went to the top international school in Thailand, or Yale University…..your legacy and what you leave behind will be based on your contribution.

Remember that.

Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/10905635


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