The Wheel of Life Updated – Changes Are Needed

For those of you who have never done this exercise, I highly recommend it.

The eight categories of life such as family a& friends, career, romantic relationships, fun & hobbies, personal development, physical environment, health, and wealth are always to be evaluated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

I got this nice little technique out of Glen Harold’s book, and I absolutely love it because it shows the strengths and weaknesses in particular areas.

It’s simple. Get a piece of paper, draw a circle and draw a mini circle in the middle.  The scale is 0-10 (0 being nothing and 10 being completely fulfilled).

For example, here’s how mine turned out.

Family & Friends – 3.5

I haven’t heard the voices of any of my family members in 4 years, so that pretty much epitomizes exactly where I stand with them (a whopping zero); however, my friends in various countries do come in strong and at least give me an agonizing 3.5

Career – 7.0

I reviewed and became enraged with some of the racial transgressions I’ve endured over the past 8 months with people neglecting me because of my color; on the other hand, the amount of opportunities that are zooming in because of outsourcing is incredible.

Romantic Relationships – X

There isn’t a god damn thing happening here.

Fun & Hobbies – 4

With 2 competitions in Mesa, Arizona and Singapore looming large, snorkelling in Hawaii, Mt. Bromo in Indonesia and possibly Malaysia/Vietnam, it will soar to 10 in an instant.  As far as now, the beginning of the new year has been a bit stagnant in terms of traveling.

Personal Development – 8

What are you feeding your mind? What new skills are you acquiring?  What are you reading? What audio books are you listening to? Yeah, with excellent books at my disposal and the removal of head teach, you bet your butt that this number will rise even more.

Physical Environment – 7

Where you live and where you work.  Where I live is absolutely wonderful, but sometimes work can fluctuate, depending on the individuals mood swings and other gossip.  At this time, it’s kind of solid, but will definitely improve as more opportunities will begin to pour in.

Health – 7.5

Look in the mirror with no clothes on.  Seriously.  Do it.

Ok, how do you feel? Terrible?

What about the inside? Sick?

If you answered yes to all my questions, you’re in the 0-0.01 range.

Wealth – 7

Primary job sways, so the wealth goes up and down.  Conversely, this should not be my only source of income, which makes me very upset with myself because I should have at least two other sources of income.  Wait, I kind of do, but I’m talking about bigger than the others.  So, it’s time to get projects done.

Do this yourself! Let me know how it goes!

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