Banana + Herbalife Pancakes – Post Endurance Workout Meal

Hello, people! Welcome back to the foodie blog and what I’m bringing to you today is a HEAVY carb meal after a crazy endurance workout.

On days I go running through the sweltering heat, stench of sewage, pollution from 40 year old buses and ominous stares from people, I love to load up heavily on carbohydrates so I can get that energy back.

Ofcourse depending exactly what you do, carbs after a workout for cardio burn – for weight lifting it would be protein.

With that being said, I love my Herbalife.  If you guys aren’t a fan of it, you can find some protein at your local store.  Doesn’t matter….but having the variety of flavors at hand makes for a delicious plate of heaven.  I recommend using vanilla or chocolate since those actually go along with the distinct sweetness of a banana.


📌100 g. flour pancakes
📌1 tablespoon baking powder
📌1/4 teaspoon salt (optional)
📌2 eggs
📌2 tbsp sugar (recommend 1 for those ewwww-I-don’t-like-sugar-junkies).
📌1 1/3 cups milk
📌1 scoop herbalife nutritional shake mix (vanilla or chocolate). One scoop contains 9 grams of protein.



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