Jack Canfield – Speak With Impeccability

“Impeccability of the word can lead you to personal freedom, to huge success and abundance; it can take away all fear and transform it into joy and love.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Our thoughts, opinions, judgements, and beliefs roll off our tongues without a care for the damage or the benefits they can produce.

Successful people like Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, on the other hand, are masters of their words.  They’re conscious of the thoughts they think and the worlds they speak.

Your words have power not only within yourself, but also with others.  You can literally uplift humanity such as what Mother Theresa and Muhammad Ali have done.

Jack Canfield – “Success people speak words of inclusion rather than words of separation, words of acceptance rather than words of rejection, and words of tolerance rather than words of prejudice.

One of my best students here in Thailand and I walk around the massive shopping center (one of many) here in Bangkok.  She actually looks at people compared to me and she always says, “why are those people looking at us weird?” She often gets frustrated at society because she has yet to establish that ‘circle of concern’ and ‘circle of influence.’

I, on the other hand, completely ignore it and have turned myself into a beholder of proactive language.  I NEVER complain about how people look at me anymore because that’s nothing I have control over.  Instead, I laugh and shrug it off and it creates that ripple effect.

The truth is, your words put out a certain energy or message that creates a reaction in others – a reaction that is usually returned to you multiple.  If I had complained about that particular individual, the next soul that we would’ve come across would do the same thing – but worse.  That’s the law of cause and effect in it’s works.

If you are rude, impatient, arrogant, or hostile, you can expect negative conduct to be returned to you. Period.

Idle Gossip

Jack Canfield talked about a day that he was teaching at a particular high school long ago.  He said on the first day of school, he walked into a teachers’ lounge before school starter.  One of the older teachers approached me and said, “I see you have Devon James in your american history class.  I had him last year.  He’s a real terror.  Good luck!”

That’s called the definition of prejudice.

Here are some practical ways to stop yourself and discourage others from gossiping:

  1.  Change the subject.
  2. Say something positive about the other person.
  3. Walk away from the conversation.
  4. Keep quiet.
  5. Clearly state that you no longer want to participate in gossiping about others.

If you want to hear me speak about this principle, the link to my podcast is down below.


Podcast – https://www.spreaker.com/episode/9358358

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