Jack Canfield – Stay Focused On Your Core Genius

Success follows doing what you want to do.  There is no other way to be successful. – Malcolm S. Forbes

You know when we use to run around in the front lawn of our homes back in the early stages of grade school in euphoric jubilance? The smiles from eye-to-eye on our faces and not a worry in the world? Or maybe it was playing music, sports, drawing, painting, or a number other of activities.

That ultimately ended up being that one thing that I’ve always loved to do whereas I love it so much that I won’t charge people for it.

Compare that with the other people in the world who are waking up going to jobs that they absolutely hate, mundane tasks they do, although they can delegate them for much cheaper….these things take up the downtime of us actually focusing on that core genius within us.

Why are we scared of relinquishing those unwanted projects or to-do tasks to other people? Maybe we’re afraid to give up control or pay money to get extra help.

Example, since I’m a teacher, I have about 7 suits, 4 vests, more than 20 dress shirts and slacks to go along with the shirts.  Do you think I spend an entire evening washing and ironing my wardrobe? Absolutely not. I’ve delegated that task completely to a wonderful lady to whereas 10 shirts and 10 pants total out to $5 USD.

This task was delegated once and it has saved me at least 3-6 hours a week in terms of doing it myself.

Become a con artist at what you do. Example, Anthony Robbins is a speaker and a trainer.  He loves speaking and training. He has arranged his life so that people are constantly paying him large sums of money to do what he loves to do.

Get the picture?

Do What You love – The Money Will Follow

I began teaching primary school students at my first job here in Thailand.  Did I enjoy it? It was a huge change for me, but the environment was too tense.

I went further south and began teaching technical students. Were they serious about learning English? Absolutely not.

When I finally moved to Bangkok and I started teaching people who were eager about learning the English language, everything changed. My love and passion for what I did grew more and more to the point my students started referring there friends to learn with me privately, I started to get huge speaking engagements and jobs at some of the top companies in and around Bangkok, and now I have a podcast, soon-to-be website, YouTube channel and I’m creating so many things in terms of education.

Did I get great compensation at my first job? No.

Second job? Barely.

Bangkok? $$$

Now add in the podcast, website, book, etc….

I’m doing what I love to do and I’m getting compensated heavily for my wonderful services.

What tasks do you have throughout the course of the week that you could possibly delegate to someone else so you can focus more on the core aspect of your life?

Podcast – https://www.spreaker.com/episode/9198385

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