Multiple Sources of Income

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to my first blog post.

My name is Arsenio Buck and this blog (soon to be a website) is designed for people who are looking for a breakthrough in their life.  People who are and have been in endless slumps within their lives – health, wealth, personal development, hobbies, relationships, etc.

Along with this blog there will be a podcast episode where I talk about this specific blog for anyone who’s interested and the link will be provided below.

Without further ado, I’m going to talk about MSI’s today (Multiple Sources of Income).

                                                INCOME FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES

                                                             MSI is not another JOB.

                                                             MSI is not a better JOB.

                                                              MSI is not even a JOB.

This is simply creating and adding a source of income to your primary source of income.

First, let me ask you a question.

When times get rough, you lose your job, you have an unexpected expense towards your car…have you ever found yourself asking other people for money to pay off your own debts or to even buy food?

All of us have had these moments before in our life.  When times got rough for me here in Thailand, I was literally sitting at the end of my bed wondering how am I going to get through the week with just 10-20$ USD at hand.

Going back to my earlier days where my mother had to cook flour tortillas in oil for dinner just so we can get by.  After these struggles come, we subconsciously train our mind to never allow them to happen again.

This is the best way to do that. When the primary source of income goes obsolete, we can rely on other sources of income to keep us afloat.

You shouldn’t have to exchange time for these.  Look at it this way – wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were making money while sleeping?

There are a number of ideas such as….

  • publishing a book that’s available under public domain
  • invent something that’s needed in your community
  • have an online store
  • networking marketing companies
  • market something for someone else
  • franchise something

You can get creative with MSI’s, and they all have one thing in common – they all flow right into your bank account.

I know artists who actually make covers for books.

I know a lot of Thais and Indonesians who have online, exporting and importing businesses in terms of fruits, clothing and other miscellaneous things that make them a fortune.

The majority of the ultra-successful out there in the world just don’t have one source of income.  They have a variety of them.  This is one of the most brilliant ideas out there and just look at it this way, the more you give, the more opportunities you get.  Get involved and start to become a learner in a variety of different fields and see what other ‘average joes’ are doing to make an extra buck. I would recommend watching Bob Proctor and I even have a podcast that pertains to this blog down below.

Get with it!

Podcast –

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